Of a solo indie developer


I am an hobbyist game developer from the underbelly of Norway. Welcome to my world.

Games is my passion. I love games, big and small. But mostly big. Apparantly, making big AAA-games by yourself is slightly difficult. But that little detail hasn't stopped me from trying! If you're gonna dream, dream big, right?
As you grow older, you sometimes also grow wiser. Sometimes you also want to leave your mark on the world. That means making games you can finish (in your spare time). This is my whole-hearted attempt to do so.

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Handcrafted levels
Xeethrax | 01 June
I picked up Koreographer on sale and started to experiment with it. Koreographer is a pretty good tool for pre-authoring events for a rhythm games.
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Working on new game mode(s)
Xeethrax | 28 April
So it's been a while since I've posted a new build. But I assure you, I haven't been sitting on my thumbs! So I'm gonna talk a bit about what I've been doing and the challenges involved.
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Playtest build
Xeethrax | 23 March
Beat me at my own game! Calling out you self-proclaimed hardcore gamers! Hardcore mode is brutal, but I'm sure some of you out there are able to nail it! Help me playtest and I'll love you for it <3
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